Weather and the Golf Course…

The recent cold snap has brought us far below normal temperatures for the past several days.  According to the National Weather Service this unusually cold weather is to last for a few more days.

Traffic on frosted and/or frozen grass plants can damage or kill the plants.  This is because the cells within the grass plant are frozen and easily crushed.  This is particularly true if the crown area (growing point) of the grass plants are frozen. 

This cold weather has delayed morning starting times recently.   Yesterday we were closed to play the entire day and it looks like we may not be open today and/or tomorrow with temperatures not expected to climb above 30 degrees.

The subsurface of the greens are frozen down several inches right now which makes for rock hard greens.  Traffic under these conditions isn’t too detrimental to the turf…as long as the turf on top isn’t frozen as well. 

When the greens start to thaw as the weather warms you will notice that the putting surfaces are softer than normal…this is because water expands upon freezing and thus the moisture that’s frozen in the greens will expand as well.  This is a common occurrence under these conditions and they should firm up after a few days.

If it starts to rain before the greens have completely thawed, the surfaces will puddle on top due to the frozen subsurface.  Once the entire soil profile thaws it will allow water to penetrate through the sand layer.

We are monitoring conditions several times per day in order to keep you apprised of the conditions.   We will allow play when all danger to turf injury is past.  Thank you for your patience and here’s hoping for warmer conditions in the near future!

See you on the course,



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