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Hi, and welcome to Illahe Hills Country Club’s swimming pool corner.  The purpose of this blog is to enhance the communication between staff and members.  Enhancing communication between members and management will improve staff performance and overall member satisfaction by making the vision and expectation of members clear to staff.  Illahe carries a strong history and credibility through out the greater Salem area as a place of character and quality.  Pool Management thus takes great pride in personifying this rich history of character and quality to the great people that now make up the membership.  With that being said, let me know how I can help improve your pool experience.  You can reach me at:  While the swim season is still several months away we are constantly reviewing past performance and looking to see how we can improve!

Reasons to Swim!

Each post I will try and include some research or testimonial of the great things that swimming can do for you.  Through out the pool season, many who are pregnant or people that have hip, back, or knee problems use water as a means of exercise.  The Centers for Disease Control outlines that water is ideal for exercising with conditions such as arthritis, pregnancy, and ailing joints because in water you only carry 10% (on average) of the weight that you would ordinarily carry.  Water Exercises

While water helps shoulder some of the weight you would ordinarily carry, exercising in water is associated with relieving joint pain, high blood pressure, and discomfort that are often experienced during pregnancy.   If you have symptoms such as a sore back, hip, shoulder, or knee that keep you from exercising comfortably on land, look for an opportunity to get in the water and see if exercise in the water is right for you.

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