Construction in the swimming pool area has continued through the past month and is now revealing the rough outline of the new aquatic facilities, including two levels of parking on the south slope.  Most of the site excavation has been completed and the pool area is now being excavated.  If you happen to take a walk to view the work, you will be impressed with the terrific view!    

The footings for retaining walls are poured.  The forms for the retaining walls are near completion.  In fact, concrete work, exclusive of the swimming pool itself, should be completed by the first week in November.  

Demolition of the existing pool and poolhouse is scheduled to begin about the first week of November.

In the next month, we will begin to locate and dig for the utility lines, most particularly the storm and sewer lines.  This is when the first and tenth tees will be disrupted.  Bill Swancutt and Tom Coburn are making plans for temporary tee boxes during this part of the construction work.  We know that this phase of the construction will be somewhat disruptive to our golfers.  Staff is working to make the temporary tees and the paths to these tees as convenient as possible for our golfers.  The good news is that this disruption will occur “off-season” for most golfers and it will provide an opportunity for us to rebuild both tee boxes and install the championship tee on the tenth tee.  Your patience and cooperation during this time is appreciated.

The heavy work in the pool area has been challenging to the construction team, as they encountered some rock and sandstone which required heavier equipment for its removal.  Obviously, we are all hoping for the continuation of good weather which has been a blessing to the construction crews.

The Renovation Committee, Dalke Construction Company and Chambers, our consultant, are now concentrating on clubhouse plans.  Priority is to do the deferred maintenance and repairs along with any other improvements to the clubhouse that will fit the financial plan. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We will keep you informed about the progress of the swimming pool area construction.  We will also keep you informed about progress regarding the clubhouse.  In the meantime, thank you to all members for your patience and thank you for the continued encouragement regarding the project.

Any questions or concern that you might have can be directed to Tom Coburn, our General Manager, or any member of the Renovation Committee.


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